Ewa Wolska is a Member of the National Guild of Dowsers and Bioenergy Therapists (Krajowy Cech Radiestetów i Bioenergoterapeutów) in Katowice, Poland and a Member of the Polish Association of Psychologists and Therapists (Polskie Stowarzyszenie Psychologów i Terapeutów) in Łódź.

"Klinika Duszy i Ciała"
directly contact: mob. +48 505 423 100

Healing at a Distance
I kindly ask you to make appointments by phone.

"Klinika Duszy i Ciała"
Sosnowiec, ul. Warszawska 9a/6
Phone (32) 360 34 06,

Bioenergy therapy sessions are offered to people who want them. A therapeutic session resembles an injection of the beneficial energy indispensable for everybody's organism to fight with problems and diseases. Please, remember that one or two days after a session, the energy may manifest itself as intensified pains, which is normal. Quite frequently, a patient's organism responds with local pains in places which have not revealed any symptoms of a disease before. This could be the so-called migrating pains or information on developing ailment which has just reacted to the bioenergy. Note that sleep caused by a bioenergy therapist's activity is healing and reinforcing.

"Work as if you did not need money
Love as if nobody had ever hurt you,
Dance as if nobody were looking,
Sing as if nobody were listening,
Live as if Heaven was on Earth."

Celaleddin Rumi World Spiritual University Brahma Kumaris

Patroness Saint of the Guild

Since September 2007, the National Guild of Water Diviners and Bioenergy Therapists in Katowice, Poland, has had the Patroness, Saint Hildegard of Bingen.

The choice of St. Hildegard was based on the Saint's activity influenced with the genuine Christian philosophy of nature. Hildegard was preoccupied with "nature healing." According to the modern criteria, she actually was a healer, a nature-therapist and a physiotherapist. St. Hildegard healed people with complex therapeutic methods which comprised dietetics, herbal medicine, therapeutic techniques - now known as the bio-therapeutic ones; she used lithotherapy, too, as she was well aware of the excellent healing properties of the soil and minerals - the gemstones and semi-gems. To combine the them, she followed the rules of rabdomancy, now known as water divination or dowsing.

St. Hildegard had used herself as well as advertised the simultaneous treatment of the body, the psyche and the soul. Such being the case, the Saint became the pioneer of the fully holistic approach to a patient. Such an approach to therapy and treatment is characteristic to, actually, the present generation of professional bioenergy therapists and diviners

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